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The Mortimer Family

Mortimer Ag Services

Agriculturalists working together.

Both Gary and Sharla grew up in the farming and ranching community, and as children moved away from the farm. When they met and began dating, they agreed they wanted to raise their family in the country, teach them the value of hard work, and share their passion for growing and raising food. 

As first-generation Arizona farmers and ranchers we have drawn knowledge from others in the industry. We have many mentors that we call on. We know the value of working together to do our jobs better every day. As we work together to share connections, knowledge, experience (challenges and victories), and research, our operations will be better, and the entire agriculture industry will be better. 

Mortimer Ag Services is our way to give back to the agriculture community. It is our way to share connections, knowledge, experiences (challenges and victories), and research. 

At you will find a wide array of tools to help you in your day-to-day operations. From cattle, Reinke Irrigation, Precision Ag, special Arizona formulated mineral and livestock feed, ABS Global, and wholesale pumpkin and produce you will find it here at 

We personally use these products and services at Mortimer Farms and Mortimer Ranches. We have seen positive results to our bottom line, our cattle herd, and our operation by using these products. Results that have allowed us to do our job better, increase our profitability, increase our efficiency, decrease our water usage, decrease our labor usage, and overall benefit our operations. 

We look forward to connecting with you about our operations, implementing these products, and seeing your operation benefit. 

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Our Story

About Mortimer Farms and Ranches

For years the Mortimer family built Mortimer Nursery and Landscaping. The nursery is a business Gary started before he and Sharla met. As doing so, they searched for the perfect place to raise their family.


In 2003, the Mortimer family stumbled upon a ranch that checked all the boxes, and the search ended. The ranch was owned by an elderly woman who could no longer care for the ranch. At the time, she didn't have anyone to pass the ranch onto and cut us a great deal with our promise to preserve open space, and raise cattle.


As the Mortimer kids got a little older, Sharla found herself in their classrooms, sharing the story of farming and ranching. Classroom visits evolved into field trips as they invited the classes to the ranch, gave them a tour, taught them about ranching, and showed them where beef comes from. These experiences opened Sharla's eyes to a dream she didn't know she had – teaching how food is grown and where it is grown. Just as her eyes were opened to this dream, the family received a call from the Mayer of Dewey-Humboldt, Len Marinaccio. 


He introduced himself and spoke of the farming property on the corner of 169 and 69 in Dewey. It had sat vacant for many years, the weeds were as tall as our trucks, the buildings were falling apart, the land was deteriorating, and the owners were looking for a family to maintain the farm. A few days later, Gary had the opportunity to meet with the property owners and Mayer Len. All parties involved had the same priority - revitalizing the land as they toured the property. Both ten years ago and today, our goal is to protect and do what is best for the land. The Mortimers are forever dedicated to cultivating the land and feeding the population. 


At about this same time, the idea of agri-tourism was becoming more and more popular in Arizona. Arizona state statute explains: ""Agritourism" means any activity that allows members of the general public, for recreational, entertainment or educational purposes, to view, enjoy or participate in rural activities, including farming, ranching, historical, cultural, u‑pick, harvest‑your-own activities or natural activities and attractions if the activity is conducted on farmland or land that is adjacent to and operated in connection with farmland." At that time, Arizona citizens were itching to get their hand in the soil, experience the story of their food and connect directly with farmers. This movement coupled perfectly with the Mortimer's passion for connecting people to the story of their food. 


Fast forward a couple of years, and here we are! To think Mortimer Farms' business plans began in the Mortimer kid's classrooms, teaching six-year-olds how to make homemade ice cream and where each ingredient came from.


Mortimer Farms grows over 40 crops today, including pumpkins, sweet corn, strawberries, blackberries, and vegetables. The farm is open to the public to enjoy and learn where food comes from, taste farm life, and experience farming and ranching. Additionally, guests enjoy the Country Store, farm-to-table food, unique and memorable food and drinks, the pick your own experience, farm-inspired rides, weddings, events, and entertainment all surrounding real farm fields. The definition of agri-tourism lines everything that is done at the farm. Every activity, event, and experience at Mortimer Farms is conducted to connect guests to the farming and ranching community. 


The Mortimers love hosting guests, sharing a glimpse of how food is grown, and giving the community the insight needed to know that food healthy and grown with passion! 

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