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Our Livestock Feed and Mineral

Specially blended for Arizona ranches

Mortimer Ag Services is an industry leader in proven performance.
Continuing a legacy of providing beef feeding solutions, producer confidence and positive cattle performance – Mortimer Ag Service minerals and feeds have stood the test of time. 


Specially blended Arizona feed ration - Mortimer Ag Services has created a specially blended Arizona feed ration that pairs perfectly with our climate and native grasses to give poultry (chicken and turkey), cattle, and hogs the needed nutrients to thrive in our Arizona climate. The specially blended feed contains grains, vitamins, and minerals to create a complete feed rations perfect for Arizona livestock. The feed contains no by-products or fillers and is sold in increment of 500 pounds.

Specially blended Arizona mineral supplement - The range mineral line enables cattle to take full nutritional advantage of available forage and enhances the rumen microbes’ ability to digest roughage. Targeting precise levels of trace minerals and vitamins enables cattle to achieve better growth rates, maintain body condition, ensure proper immune function, achieve greater milk production and better reproductive status; all while maintaining a low input cost per head per day.


Proven performance value –

  • Highly available copper and unique source of cobalt

  • Free-choice mineral available in 50-pound bags of loose mineral 

  • Supplies essential macro and micro minerals, vitamins and feed additives which ensure proper metabolic function for support of immune system, growth rates, milk production (weaning weights) and reproductive status

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