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Reinke Irrigation

Mortimer Ag Services distributes, sells, and services pivots irrigation systems.

Irrigation in agriculture plays a significant role in the production of U.S. and World agriculture goods. Without the use of irrigation, crop production would be limited making it a challenge to meet the needs of a growing population.

Over the years many different irrigation techniques and methods have been developed to accommodate changing environments. Age-old surface irrigation still continues to be popular based on its simplicity and cost effective value, but as technologies are changing mechanized irrigation systems are becoming more and more appealing to producers. Center pivot irrigation has become the most efficient and effective form of irrigation by using precision technology for many different applications throughout a field.

The future of irrigated agriculture will depend on the acceptance of changing technologies to increase precision management practices and enhance crop production. The value of efficiency and effectiveness is essential to maintain a sustainable agriculture environment. 

Center pivot irrigation gives you the flexibility other irrigation methods are unable to provide. Center pivot irrigation introduces efficiency along with water management all while having a strong economic value.

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