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Our Pumpkins and Produce

Your connection to wholesale produce.

Produce: Mortimer Farms is your connection to wholesale and bulk produce. Our farm, staff, and family-owned atmosphere is located at Mortimer Farms in Dewey, Arizona. We offer delivery and pickup right from our fields. Our seasonally available produce extends over 40 vegetables, berries, and fruit.

Pumpkins: Our pumpkin patch is brimming with gorgeously plump pumpkins ready for homemade pies, front porch decoration, and jack-o-lantern carving! With our thousands of pumpkins, in a vast selection of sizes and shapes, we know you will find a favorite to fit your fancy. Order your bulk pumpkins for pickup or delivery today.

Sweet Corn: We grow a hybrid variety of corn on our farm - a sweet and delicious ear with a combination of tender white and yellow kernels. It is known to be one of the sweetest and most tender corn ever developed. This has proven correct at the farm! Guests come from hundreds of miles away as well as from right around the corner, for Mortimer Farms sweet corn. Order your bulk sweet corn for pickup or deliver today.

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