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ABS Global USA

Profit From Genetic Progress.
Mortimer Ag Services provides a full service breeding program.

We were born to challenge standards. Since the beginning, innovation has been part of our DNA. From co-development of the first semen tank, to the recent ground-breaking launch of our innovative Sexcel® sexed genetics product, we have made our mark in the bovine genetics industry.

We never settle. We are always challenging the status quo – even if we created it.

People are the reason for our existence – Our customers’ needs have helped build what we are today, while our employees and partners provide diverse perspectives and drive our success.

Our experience runs more than 80 years deep, 70 countries wide and 1,600 colleagues strong.

We partner with progressive and genetic driven farmers by providing them tailored solutions to help produce higher-quality milk and meat.

Our team is part of the farm team, combining genetic expertise, reproductive management and a deep understanding of breeding cattle to help customers succeed in a strong and sustainable way.

Beyond our responsibility to customers and employees, we are committed to the highest levels of animal welfare whether that be in our barns or on our customers’ farms.

Pioneering animal genetic improvement to help nourish the world in a safe, responsible and profitable way is something we take very seriously. It’s not about what we do, but how we do it. In the end, we’re employees, farmers and consumers at the same time.

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